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this year we're upping the challenge!

Expanding on the success of this BOMA Toronto initiative and last year's success, BOMA Toronto in collaboration with program advisor, Energy@Work Inc., are pleased to open up this year’s 2022 Beyond Earth Hour Challenge to focus on building performance and the collective conservation efforts of landlords and tenants over the Earth Hour Weekend.

In the spirit of Earth Hour and energy conservation, participants will be able to compete for award recognition as the Top Reducer in the Building category with onus on landlords to find operational changes and collaborate with tenants to discover behavioural changes that affect energy use over the entire weekend as opposed to just the one hour.

Through collaborative efforts, our hope is that landlords will continue to partner with tenants to collectively realize energy-saving strategies that in turn drive down operational costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

Join us on Wednesday February 23, 2022 at 9:00 AM for a detailed webinar on how to participate in this year’s Beyond Earth Hour challenge.


Register here for the free webinar.

Participants are required to register for the 2022 Beyond Earth Hour Challenge in order to compete in the building challenge and only those who are successfully enrolled will be considered for the Top Reducer Award


Registration is free and simple.

Instruction can be found on our website:

participant resources

Check out our various tools and resources available to participants of this year's Beyond Earth Hour Challenge.

education tools

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Missed our webinar on Feb 23?

Not a problem! Download the presentation here and watch the webinar recording by clicking below

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contest rules


Read our full Challenge rules.

Wondering how to participate in this year's Beyond Earth Hour Challenge? Click below

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Check out the flyer

Whether you're a tenant or a property manager looking to engage tenants, learn more about the challenge 

print and social posters

Click to download our 2022 Beyond Earth Hour Challenge print and social poster resources. If you're a PosterOne customer, you can request these items for print. Contact: to order.


NOTE: Existing race2reduce participants should already have access to these posters in their PosterOne account.



other resources

Check out other Earth Hour resources and toolkits made available through other affiliated organizations.

Energy@Works Inc-Energy Savings Tips & Tricks Video

WWF-Energy Efficiency Tips

connect2earth Toolkits

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Have questions about this year's challenge?

Connect Lisa Liang:

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