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audits & benchmarking

Understand Your Energy Use

Before you take any steps towards improving the energy, water and waste efficiency of your facility, it is important to determine where you currently stand in terms of both performance and management.

Energy Star Portfolio Manager is a powerful tool that allows you to develop a baseline and monitor your building performance thereafter. You can see where you stand compared to the other buildings of a similar type.

Conduct an Energy Aduit!

Evaluate and prioritize your best energy-saving opportunities 

with an investment grade audit. Programs like RunitRight 

can help you identify opportunities in your facility.

measure performance

Looking at measures that may be impacted by energy efficiency upgrades such as higher tenant satisfaction, lower energy usage, greater Net Operating Income Or More is key to long term success.

Consider measuring performance for continual improvement against the types of KPIs listed in the resources

checklist and milestones

These are the milestones and checklists that you need if you are participating in the race. 


Use the steps below to gauge where you are at in terms of progress and prioritize projects as well as allocate resources to ensure that you are getting the most out of your race efforts! 

- Conduct an energy audit to analyze your facility’s energy performance and identify where improvements can be made to save energy and money

- Understand your energy usage by reviewing bills and existing data; real time monitoring, or sub-metering systems can provide a more granular look at energy consumption

- Benchmark the energy performance of your buildings to understand and reduce energy consumption and your carbon footprint

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