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financial incentives

All race participants may qualify for financial incentives for equipment retrofits, operational savings, energy audits or other upgrades. Before starting a project, consult with the BOMA Toronto R2R Project Consultant or an Enbridge Energy Specialist for gas-related projects. Incentives may require a baseline measurement to track savings prior to a project starting. 


Take the time to ensure everything is in order for you to make your financial savings even greater through utility incentive programs. 


Incentives can cover up to 50% of your project costs. Take advantage and implement projects while incentives are available. The more projects that your facility implements, the higher your chances of winning a CREST Award.

Province-Wide Incentive Programs:

Enbridge Gas:

Enbridge Gas offers robust incentive programs for the commercial building sector, and has specialists that can help guide you through the process. Learn more about incentives that are available for your building type here. 


Save on Energy

Visit to learn about what incentives are available for energy efficient electricity-related projects. There are four different programs available to help you save energy and you can click the link below to see what incentives and programs are applicable to you.



Municipal and Regional Incentive Programs:

City of Toronto

Capacity Buyback Program

  • This program offers eligible commercial and institutional organizations a free water audit and a one-time cash rebate. Click to find out more 

Eco-Roof Incentive Program


Energy Retrofit Loans

  • Your Toronto community-based organization or not-for-profit could be eligible for a low-interest loan to support up to 100 percent of your energy retrofit project costs. Click to find out more

Tower Renewal


Regional - GTHA

The Atmospheric Fund (TAF) 

  • TAF is a regional climate agency that invests in low-carbon solutions for the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area and helps scale them up for broad implementation. They offer several programs and grants leading to a lower-carbon future. Click here to view the different programs available

Region of Peel


Indoor Water Assessment Program 

  • This Program is aimed at identifying areas of potential average daily water savings that may be achieved through a permanent process The Water Assessment Process begins with a free water assessment, measuring a business' current indoor water use to pin. Click for more information 


Business Equipment Replacement Incentives

  • Upgrade to water-efficient fixtures, fill out the online form, email a copy of your receipt, and receive your rebate. It's that easy! Click to find out more


York Region


York Region offers numerous water-saving incentives for businesses. For a full suite of their programs, click here


City of Guelph


The City of Guelph offers a wide array of water-based incentives and initiatives. Click here for more details



Energy Audits

Understand how your building is behaving under different operating conditions to know where to invest your resources

Sub-Metering & Real-Time Monitoring

You can’t manage what you can’t measure

Occupancy Controls

Why pay to light an empty room?


LED Lighting

Cut electricity lighting costs by up to 75%

Garage Upgrades:

Keeping your building’s garage in top condition can cost as much as $500 a year per parking stall. Some of that money can easily be recouped through energy savings.


Equipment Upgrades

A/C, Chillers, VFDs, Pumps, Elevators, Cooling Towers, etc.


Fine-tune & Optimize

Once systems and equipment are up to speed, get incentives for operational savings achieved through changes to processes, equipment operation, and company culture – RunitRight.

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