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Property owners and managers can only directly control common areas. The majority of the occupied space fall under the direct control of the tenant. Engage building occupants by developing and implementing educational and fun programs and challenges to reduce energy use in your building.


Separate engagement strategies should be deployed to tackle areas related to energy, water, waste and emission reduction. Gaining buy-in from a tenant early in a project and having the ability to collaborate with them can yield significant savings and benefits for each party. 

Even if your strategy is not yet defined, speak with tenants and get feedback and buy-in. Tenants may bring innovative ideas to the table so collaborating early can ensure that opportunities are not overlooked.

Need inspiration? Find out how it can be done here.

race2reduce participant guide

Click the next image to view 2021 participant guide covering:

  • General Information 

  • Participant / Eligibility 

  • Tenants 

  • Landlords 

  • Program and Participant Target 

  • Participant Data 

  • Privacy

  • Publicity & Promotion

  • Sponsorship 

  • Awards & Recognition 

  • Conflict Resolution  

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race2reduce toolkit

The Toolkit will be available soon

participant posters

There are posters that you can use to let your tenants know that you're participating in the Race, and to begin to provide them with ideas on how they can get involved.

Contact: to order.

engagement events

the race2reduce promotes and hosts several events annually to promote energy savings and sustainability. 

One of our first events of 2020 will be the Beyond Earth Hour Challenge which we are hosting along with BOMA Toronto. 

This year participants are required to register in order to compete in the building and tenant challenge categories. Only participants successfully enrolled will be considered for an award. For details, read our Beyond Earth Hour Challenge page:


earth hour toolkits and social posts

Visit BOMA Toronto's 2020 Beyond Earth Hour Challenge page to access our updated engagement tools and resources for this week-long conservation challenge!

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